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Started Jul 26, 2021 03:00PM UTC   •   Closing Jan 21, 2025 08:29PM UTC

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When will Joe Biden cease to be president of the United States?


Context. The next inauguration for president of the United States is scheduled for January 20, 2025.

Resolution details. A transfer of presidential powers and duties to an acting president under Section 3 or Section 4 of the 25th Amendment for more than 30 consecutive calendar days would count.


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Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours
Before January 20, 2023 5.12% -0.03%
Between January 20, 2023 and January 19, 2025 12.94% -0.06%
On January 20, 2025 51.51% -0.07%
Not before January 21, 2025 30.44% +0.17%

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