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What percentage of software engineer job postings between July 1 and September 30, 2021, inclusive, will allow for remote work?


Related question. This question was previously issued for 2020 Q3. You can view those forecasts here. A version of the question issued for 2021 Q1 was voided due to an error in the reported historical data. You can view the voided question here.

Context. COVID-19 is reshaping the global economy by leading to an increase in jobs that can be performed remotely. A remote tech industry would have different properties than a non-remote tech industry. Most significantly, location would be a less of a constraint on where people work and who companies hire. 

For more on this metric, see the related metric analysis: "Tech Jobs Are Going Remote; UK Leads the Way."

Data and resolution details. This question resolves based on Burning Glass data available as of October 1, 2021. It includes all countries for which Burning Glass has data: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

The graph is linked directly to data from the vendor. Values on the graph can change if the vendor updates the data in ways that impact past data points. The data underlying the graph on the date the question was published is here. If the data changes to a non-trivial extent, we will notify forecasters and add a new snapshot of the data to the spreadsheet to make it easier to view the changes. 

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Resolution Notes

The answer is 9.8%

Possible Answer Correct? Final Crowd Forecast
Less than 5.5% 7%
More than 5.5% but less than or equal to 7% 18%
Between 7% and 9.5%, inclusive 34%
Between 9.5% and 12%, inclusive 21%
More than 12% 20%

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