Meet Our Ambassadors

2020 - 2021

The Ambassador Board is a group of graduate students and professionals selected to serve as strategic advisors for the CSET Foretell project launched June 2020. Ambassadors work virtually to help engage our community of forecasters by leading their own forecasting teams, ultimately helping to generate the valuable insights from the project that serve the policymaking community.

Ambassadors have backgrounds in technology policy, security, engineering, computer science, law, and business. Board members reside all over the United States, covering the East, West, and Midwest, and represent more than 3 countries, including China and the United Kingdom.

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Fall Cohort

Mauricio Bastien

European Union in Honduras

Senior Policy Advisor

Alexis Carlier

Toulouse School of Economics

Master of Economics, 2021


Nicole Catanzarite

University of Maryland

PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, 2021

e: | LinkedIn

Andreas Greiler-BasaldĂșa

Students for Carbon Dividends

Founding Associate, Strategy and Media

Kara Guse

Cornell University

Master of Public Affairs, 2021

Janna Huang

UC - Berkeley

PhD in Sociology


Gaurav Jain

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Office of Chief Economist

Shalin Jyotishi

New America

Senior Analyst | t: @ShalinJyotishi

Jennifer Keltz


Cyber and Strategic Risk Analyst

Oneeb Khan

University of Southern California

M.S. in Computer Science, 2021

e: | t: @OneebHKhan

Bernhard Kirchner

Columbia University

Master's in Regional Studies, 2020


Ethan Klein

MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy

PhD in Nuclear Science and Engineering


Sean Kucer

UC - Berkeley

Department of Economics

e: | t: @SeanKucer

Drew Ledbetter

LCA Analytics

Vice President, Business Strategy

Scott Lee

Northwestern University

JD-MBA Candidate, 2022

Neeha Mian

APS & Associates

Deputy Director


David Morar

Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Visiting Scholar

e: | t: @morar

Gloria Ngumi

Environmental Governance Programme

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency / UNDP


Winisha Smith

Northwestern University

Master of Science in Law, 2020


Kevin Wei

Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. in Computer Science

Ariana Zukergood

Brown University

Master of Public Affairs, 2020

Summer Cohort

Nathan Calvin

Stanford University

J.D. / M.A. in Public Policy, 2022

Austin Dahmer

Georgetown Walsh School of Foreign Service

Master of Arts in Security Studies, 2022

Shaun Ee

Yenching Academy, Peking University

Master of Economics, 2021

Bryce Farabaugh

University of Chicago

Master of Arts in International Relations

Brian Fitzgerald

Columbia University

MBA / Master of International Affairs, 2021

Alissa Graff

University of Michigan

MPP / M.S. in Information, 2020

Jacob Greenspon

Harvard University

Master in Public Policy, 2021

Molly Hickman

MITRE Corporation

Research Associate

Raveena Kshatriya

University of Southern California

M.S. in Computer Science, 2021

Yifan Liu

Cornell University

Master of Public Administration, 2021

Nik Marda

Stanford University

M.S. in Computer Science, 2021

Farid Nemri

Schwarzman Scholar

Master of Management Science in Global Affairs

Sam Oldroyd

Emory University

Master of Business Administration

Hannah Rosenfeld

University of Michigan

Master of Public Policy, 2021

Zuleirys Santana-Rodriguez

Northwestern University

Master of Science in Law, 2020

Jigyasa Sharma

UC - Berkeley

Master of Public Policy, 2021

Yiming Yuan

Cornell University

Master of Public Administration, 2021

Gaoqi Zhang

Georgetown University

Master of Public Policy, 2020

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