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Become a Foretell Pro Forecaster

Foretell launched a Pro Forecaster Program in April 2021.

This is an invite-only team consisting of the 50 most accurate or active forecasters on Foretell, and a handful of outside forecasters with proven track records -- who are paid to make forecasts that contribute to our research and analysis.

Anyone who can show a proven track record as a top forecaster on Good Judgment Open, Metaculus, or a similar crowd forecasting site may apply.

We accept new applicants on a rolling basis as spots become available.

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Why Become a Pro Forecaster?

  • 1. Get paid to forecast.

    Pro Forecasters will be asked to dedicate at least 10 hours per month making forecasts and honing their skill, and will earn USD 200 per month for their commitment.

  • 2. Develop and grow your forecasting skills.

    Pro Forecasters will go through Probabilistic Training led by Good Judgment. This is a training curriculum currently used by intelligence agencies, investment banks and others, featuring cutting-edge techniques used by Superforecasters. All Pros will be placed on one team on Foretell, so you will work alongside other top forecasters, practicing "red teaming" and other collaborative methods.

  • 3. Lend your expertise to an innovative technology policy project.

    You will directly contribute to a forecasting project that is monitoring technology and security issues central to policymaking. These forecasts are being reviewed and considered by policymakers, giving you a direct voice in their decision-making.

  • 4. Exclusive event invitations.

    You will be invited to attend exclusive online Foretell community events with experts in security, AI, and other emerging technology fields.

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How to Apply

Send an email to that includes:

  • Your name

  • A brief explanation of your forecasting experience and why you should be a Pro Forecaster

  • Your resume or link to your public LinkedIn profile

  • Documented proof of your accuracy and participation from a forecasting site similar to Foretell, such as Good Judgment Open, Metaculus, or Hypermind. Proof may include, for example, a screenshot or report showing your accuracy score/ranking, screename, and sample forecasts and commentary.

You must include all of the above in order to be considered.

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