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Foretell is a crowd forecasting project run by Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology that focuses on questions relevant to technology-security policy.



How Foretell is guiding
complex decisions

Crowd forecasting provides insights into what futures are most likely. But insights on a single forecastable fact about the world are rarely enough to advance complex policy debates. Foretell has a new Issue Campaign offering that aims to address this problem by using a combination of expert and crowd judgment to break policy issues down into informative forecast questions.

Our first Issue Campaign focuses on the future relationship between the Department of Defense and Silicon Valley.

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We’re also forecasting critical questions on:
  • AI Research

  • U.S.-China Relations

  • Immigration

  • Technology Industry

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Foretell is seeking participant forecasters across disciplines and industries relevant to security and technology issues. You can be a forecaster if you have a background in public policy, technology, business, law or other relevant field. We are seeking:

Experienced professionals

Graduate students

Academic researchers and faculty

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What you’ll do as a forecaster

  • Submit forecasts anonymously on a regular basis

  • Do some research to inform your judgment about the questions we’re asking

  • Update your forecasts when new information becomes available

  • Actively engage in discussion boards

  • Participate in challenges to earn badges and rewards

About Us

Foretell is a crowd forecasting project focused on technology and security policy. It connects historical and forecast data on near-term events with the big-picture questions that are most relevant to policymakers. The project is sponsored by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), a research center at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, that supports academic work in emerging technology and delivers nonpartisan analysis to the policy community. CSET is working in partnership with Cultivate Labs, a crowdsourcing startup. Cultivate supports crowd forecasting efforts for governments and private organizations around the world.

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