We’re forecasting the future tech-security landscape

Foretell is a crowd forecasting pilot project launched by Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology that focuses on questions relevant to technology-security policy. We are seeking forecasters with related experience or interest to help us inform policymakers.



Join our community of practitioners, researchers, and students forecasting to inform policymaking

Graduate Student

You are a student pursuing an advanced degree from a global policy, technology, government, or business program.

Academic Researcher

You are an academic researcher or university professor focusing on emerging technology, government and policy, or U.S.-China relations.

Experienced Professional

You are an experienced professional in the emerging technology, government, or legal sector in the U.S. or abroad.

About Foretell

Foretell uses the wisdom of the crowd to forecast where the technology-security policymaking environment is headed. Forecast questions focus on metrics for important, longer-term trends. For example, by 2025, will U.S.-China tensions have subsided or escalated? Metrics to monitor might include trade and immigration levels or the probability of conflict in the South China Sea. Foretell is a tool for tracking, analyzing, and forecasting such metrics of interest.

The project is sponsored by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), a research center at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, that supports academic work in emerging technology and delivers nonpartisan analysis to the policy community. CSET is partnering with Cultivate Labs, a crowdsourcing startup, to run the project. Cultivate supports crowd forecasting efforts for governments and private organizations around the world.

Foretell is seeking participant forecasters across relevant disciplines and industries, including practitioners, graduate students, and faculty with a background in public policy, technology, business, and other relevant experience. We are asking participants to forecast on a weekly basis (ideally), actively engage in discussion boards, and help us crowdsource forecasting questions.


As a forecaster, you’ll be part of the broader CSET community

  • Collaborate and share what you know with other people who are immersed in the field of emerging technology policy
  • Have your forecast contributions be part of the analyses CSET creates for policymakers
  • Be eligible for periodic rewards or exclusive webinars with thought leaders in the field

What we’re asking of forecasters

Sign up to forecast.

Fill out a brief application telling us about yourself and any relevant experience. You don’t need to be an expert to forecast; you just need to be curious and interested in learning about the questions we pose so you can make informed contributions.

Submit & update forecasts.

Spend a few minutes on a weekly basis (ideally), anonymously making and updating forecasts and rationales on questions.

Share what you know.

Share news, thoughts, and rumors with the rest of the community on discussion boards. By posting helpful information, you give participants better context for forecasting.

Refer friends.

Share the program with friends or colleagues who would be interested. You can even create teams with your friends, and see how your team does compared to the CSET analysts.

Tip: Mention someone by typing @username